Flabby Road

is the name of my home/project studio, wherever my gear (and I) happen to be. I would like to think I was a trailblazer in this whole home recording thing, upgrading from the OK-for-lo-fi Tascam 488 (cassette multitrack on which Dan Bryk, A**hole was begun) to my first DAW the Korg 1212 I/O with BIAS Deck (which was a little ahead of its time) before settling on the (expensive and underpowered yet still the only sensible choice since Pro Tools was the gold standard) 16-track Digi 001 that made the Mississauga Rattler Demos as well as the first Bicycles recordings.

This is where I note that I indeed do freelance record production: co-writing, arrangement, recording, engineering, mixing. Reasonable rates. Your place or mine. 

flabbyroad2002Before we had laptops robust enough to make records on, I used to travel with a customized red suitcase containing a Mac G4, drives, a Firewire 1814 and a couple of mics to do remote recording with. I had this in the trunk once while crossing the Buffalo border down to Jersey City for my friend Thom’s wedding.

I don’t know if you know that scene in Highway 61 where Jello Biafra plays the archetypal US customs agent haranguing Don McKellar and Valerie Buhagiar: “WHY should I let YOU into MY home?” For me, that was the wrong day and the wrong immigration guy:

“How do I know you’re not going to take this SUPER HIGH-TECH RECORDING GEAR (Mac G4 and an 1814, lol) and RECORD A BUNCH OF BANDS FOR MONEY?”  

First time in life I was refused entry to the US, and here my troubles began. Once you are refused entry that first time there is a big red target on your head/passport and subsequent trips to the US became an ordeal. I had been traveling back and forth to NC to be with my eventual wife, and all of a sudden I had no guarantee I would see her. At that point basically I had to drop music and get offered a day job in NC. Which the INS insisted could only be in the field I had a degree and previous work experience for. Which in my case was graphic design. No latte-slinging for me.

Anyways, thank g_d they make laptops robust enough to make records on these days. With interfaces and 3TB drives that fit in your backpack.



As I’ve moved around quite a bit over time, each location has received its’ very own tagline, beginning with Christmas Record.

Flabby Road (ie. the original): Mississauga ON

Flabby Road 2: The Klumps, Durham NC

Flabby Road 3: Rise of the Machines, Raleigh NC

Flabby Road 4: This Time It’s Personal, Upper West Side NY

Flabby Road 5: The Empire Strikes Back, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

and its’/my current home in Washington, DC:

Flabby Road 6: New Nightmare