Yes, this site is devoted to the greatest lost band of new wave rock and roll.

The site was a total whim when I began it back in 1992. Since then, it has grown and taken tens of thousands of hits, so obviously someone still cares. Whether you're a fan or perhaps curiously picked up one record in a dollar bin somewhere, hopefully there'll be something here to enlighten you a bit on this fascinating band.

There's certainly more info to follow, and I'm still trying to fill in the gaps. I never did forgive Ira Robbins for dropping Gruppo Sportivo from the third edition of the Trouser Press guide, but I must acknowledge his fine tome helped me to find many awesome albums (Gruppo and otherwise) back in the day. Props to Ira, even if he's from New York.

Thanks too to Tom of A&A Records Sherway Gardens for playing me Beep Beep Love with that huge fucking smirk on his face (the one that meant "hey kid, you think you're cool, but you've never heard this"). Even if his grouchy and undoubtedly bi-polar sister-in-law Tracy (the evil hideous manager creature®) said I wasn't allowed to play the rest of the album when there were lots of customers in the store. Have a nice life.

Thanks, too, to everyone who's written and sent info or pictures. I also would like to specially thank Daniel Silverman and Atjous for their early helpful comments and for alerting me to records I didn't even know existed. Y'all rock.

Sorry in advance for not liking every fart Hans has put out over the years. If you have complaints or would like to submit some more (admittedly missing) info, if you have scans of the missing albums, feel free to email me at
Or , hell, even check out the rest of my otherwise self-promotional site:

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