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I wear multiple professional hats, perhaps more than most: Parent, Songwriter, Singer (well, sorta), Producer, Designer, Developer, Nerd, Slacktivist, Minor Thinker, Major Cynic.

I’m probably most notable for the music I made from the nineties into the oughts, for a handful of different record labels, with varying degrees of artistic and commercial success. Do I regret quitting that awesome product design gig after my boss called me into his office and asked “Look, are you an Art Director or a Rock Star?”  I still don’t know. What I do know is that I got to hear my songs on the radio, tour the world, meet amazing people (many of whom I got to meet because more amazingly, they liked my work!) and then come home to live like a broke undergrad. I also know that I am tremendously proud of nearly all of those songs and many of those recordings.

In my full-time musician era, I supported myself with music production, graphic design, web development, site hosting, and frequently tech support. As of late, I am The Macist, a freelance tech consultant focusing on Mac platform creative solutions, specializing further on small offices and home project studio/media creation and editing environments. I know those environments really well since I put in plenty of end user hours as both a visual artist and as an engineer/producer/editor for myself and other musicians. I love it when stuff works, and I have pretty solid ideas of when and why they don’t.  Interestingly enough, thanks to the strange powers of teh internets and my heightened international profile I now find myself fixing a Protools rig remotely in Östersund, or designing a home recording space on the Upper West Side as often as installing drivers or dropping cable here in Washington DC.

I have also been fortunate (though I might have not seen it that way initially) to “drop out” and stay home with my infant son. (I actually thought I would be “working from home” but that turned out to be a little optimistic.)  In that role I was fairly active in the NYC Stay-at-Home Dads Group, becoming an advocate for men (and hell, any parent) who chose to do that. Now that my son is of school age I am more involved in the PTA. I bake a pretty convincing fake Tate’s chocolate chip cookie.

Do I really need a blog? Probably not. But I’ve had this domain for nearly 25 years now, and I sure would hate you having to look at a “Site Coming Soon” banner.

One thought on “In Short

  1. Hi Dan,
    My name is Saied. I thought of reaching you directly. I went through your site and read your background and admire your achievements. Enough with the flattery; I was wondering if your domain is up for sale. It might be a long shot but I thought I’d try. My partner and I are a bootstrapping start up in the real estate sector. Our product is called Bryk. We have reached out to to make an offer to you as well for your domain name.
    I thought it will more personable to contact you directly.
    It might be a long shot, but…if you are willing to part ways with your domain, I can promise we will adopt it responsibly and honor your name 🙂

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