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Photo by Erin McGinn

Over four records and over a decade of touring, Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Bryk has steadily built an audience for his wry, cynical/earnest melodic pop gems.

Says Christgau (old school): “The songman from Toronto is some kind of genius… more proof of just how exaggerated reports of song’s demise remain”

Says Pitchfork (new school): “Bryk is a Clipse for Burt Bacharach fans, peddling witty cynicism like crack.”

Now he brings us Pop Psychology, his long-delayed “concept” album.

It’s all here: Music biz fail, relationship fail, friendship fail, purpose-driven life fail, and all combinations of the above. All set to a laugh or a wink or even a good cry — and as always, Bryk’s plaintive voice, ear-catching arrangements and indelible melodies. What on earth was he thinking?

Lucid Culture: “A strong candidate for best album of the year… a triumph of intelligence and wit, an oasis in a world full of idiots. [Best of 2009]”

Songs:Illinois concurs: “A great addition to his already stellar catalogue of cult classics… each clever turn of phrase, jangly guitar, layer of odd instrumentation, and overdubbed vocal is a revelation.”

To which Hero Hill adds: “Pop Psychology is a treasure that few will unearth, but one that will be held tight by all that take the time to listen.”

Now living in New York City, Bryk has had a busy performance schedule in recent years including tours and shows with artists as disparate as Steven Malkmus, Fountains of Wayne, Ron Sexsmith, Teddy Thompson, Lee Feldman, Chris Mills, Jason Collett, Django Haskins, Eleni Mandell, Noam Weinstein, Amy Correia, Steve Wynn and Hayden.

Reflecting his idiosyncratically engaging live performance style, Bryk was deemed one of the “ten best performances of SXSW 2002” by the Chicago Sun-Times (and Sound Opinions’) Jim DeRogatis.

Or according to a recent tweet (after PP’s CD release show at NYC’s Living Room)

“If you ever get the chance to see Toronto singer-songwriter Dan Bryk, you’d be nuts not to.”

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