Gig History

No upcoming gigs planned in my semi-retirement, but that could indeed change whenever I get another record out.

Unfortunately it was never much of a priority to keep a record of this stuff, but since people have asked — these are the only tour dates that were recorded on my old site (thank you wayback machine!) and Reverbnation. Who knows how many damn shows I played before 2001?

NB. that four-year Homeland Security hole from 2002-2006.

14/1/2001 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA w/ Hopewell, Gwen Mars, Star Hustler
15/1/2001 The Iota, Arlington, VA (Washington DC Area) w/ Amy Correia
16/1/2001 Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Chris Mills
17/1/2001 Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ w/ Fountains of Wayne
18/1/2001 Knitting Factory, New York, NY w/ Babe the Blue Ox
19/1/2001 Live on WFMU in NY / NJ Live set on Pseu Braun’s Thing With A Hook
25/3/2001 C’est What, Toronto, ON w/ Lenni Jabour
21/4/2001 The Jane Bond, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON w/ Andras Jones
13/5/2001 Club Quattro, Osaka shinsaibashi, Japan w/ Stephen Malkmus
14/5/2001 Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan w/ Stephen Malkmus
16/5/2001 Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan w/ Stephen Malkmus
17/5/2001 Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan w/ Stephen Malkmus
12/6/2001 Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Steve Wynn
14/6/2001 The Den at Two Boots, NYC w/ Nova Social
23/7/2001 The Jane Bond, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON w/ Tamara Williamson
1/7/2001 Edgefest, Barrie, ON MC of “Emerging Talent” Stage
7/7/2001 The Rivoli, Toronto, ON w/ Tamara Williamson
1/8/2001 NOW Lounge, Toronto ON w/ The Bicycles
4/8/2001 Three Gut Records House Party w/ Pious Companion, More Plastic
24/8/2001 The Opera House, Toronto, ON w/ Eric’s Trip, Moneen, Tristan Psionic
25/8/2001 Call The Office, London, ON w/ Eric’s Trip, The Weekend
14/9/2001 The Gladstone Art Bar, Toronto, ON w/ Andras Jones, Bob Kemmis
16/9/2001 Club Zone, Montreal, QC BLAME CANADA Tour w/ Renann, Mia Sheard, Tom Wilson
17/9/2001 The Iron Horse, Northampton, RI BLAME CANADA Tour
18/9/2001 CB’s Gallery, NYC BLAME CANADA Tour
19/9/2001 The Green Room, Providence, RI BLAME CANADA Tour
20/9/2001 Kendall Café, Cambridge, MA BLAME CANADA Tour
21/9/2001 DOS, Philadelphia, PA – CANCELLED BLAME CANADA Tour
22/9/2001 Love Sexy, Hoboken, NJ – CANCELLED BLAME CANADA Tour
23/9/2001 Red Square Bar, Burlington, VT – CANCELLED BLAME CANADA Tour
1/10/2001 Ted’s Wrecking Yard, Toronto Radio Monday w/ Jason Collett, Sarah Slean, Aaron Riches (Royal City), Liane de Lotbiniere
11/10/2001 The Press Club of Windsor, ON *Fantastic Pop Festival
20/10/2001 The Rivoli, Toronto, ON w/ Eleni Mandell
8/4/2002 Go! Room 4, Carrboro, NC w/ Hayden
16/3/2002 SXSW, Le Privilege, Austin, TX [playing keys in Spookey Ruben’s band]
14/3/2002 SXSW, Melagio, Austin, TX w/The Rocket Summer, Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves (aka Spoon)
10/27/06 Kings Barcade, Raleigh, NC  w/ The Balance
02/02/07 Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC  w/ Teddy Thompson
02/17/07 The Living Room, New York, NY  w/ Greta Gertler
04/13/07 Bickett Gallery, Raleigh, NC  w/ Snuzz
05/26/07 Soapbox Laundro-Lounge, Wilmington, NC  WE Festival 2007
06/10/07 WXYC, Chapel Hill, NC
06/15/07 WKNC Local Beat 88.1 FM, Raleigh, NC
07/21/07 680 WPTF News Talk Radio, Raleigh, NC
07/29/07 WXDU 88.7, Durham, NC  Live on Air
08/24/07 Pheasant Creek Coffee and Tea, Cary, NC
08/31/07 CEST WHAT, TORONTO, ON, CA  w/ Corey Landis, Noyan Hilmi of Five Blank Pages
09/13/07 The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC  w/ Mike Holt
09/14/07 Patchwerk Playhaus, Charlotte, NC  w/ Mike Holt
09/16/07 Firestorm Cafe & Books, Asheville, NC w/ Mike Holt
09/22/07 Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC w/ Tim Williams
11/09/07 Patchwerk Playhaus, Charlotte, NC  w/Mike Holt and David Celia
11/19/07 Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC  w/The Golden Dogs
02/24/08 Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC International Pop Overthrow 2008
03/08/08 Vintage21, Raleigh, NC Firefly Records Showcase w/The Tourist
04/29/08 Dain’s, Durham, NC  w/Future Kings of Nowhere, Adam Reid
07/13/08 The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC  w/Chris Warren, Down By Avalon
08/21/08 The Living Room, New York, NY  w/Noam Weinstein, Lee Feldman, Chris Warren
08/21/08 Heartwood Café, Halifax, NS, CA  w/Mike Evin
10/09/08 The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC  w/Michael Holt and David Celia
10/10/08 The Soapbox Laundro-Lounge, Wilmington, NC  w/Michael Holt and David Celia
10/11/08 Patchwerk Playhaus, Charlotte, NC w/Michael Holt and David Celia
10/30/08 Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC w/SNMNM
09/11/09 Bread and Circus, Toronto, ON, CA  w/Tommy and The Tall Girls, Young Doctors in Love
09/20/09 Magpie Taproom, Toronto, ON, CA  w/Dr. Ew
10/02/09 Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA  w/Lee Feldman

And then, a child-focused hiatus…