Tough year.

It’s the end of the year and I realized I haven’t accomplished much beyond still being alive. I guess that’s pretty good, actually. It’s also the first year since my teens where I didn’t finish writing one single solitary song. Still reeling from what’s definitely my worst year ever, for a variety of reasons probably best shared over alcoholic (well, caffeinated for me) beverages.

Still, I have much to be thankful for.

Thanks to my rag-tag band of friends for a very convincing job of listening to what must have been tediously evolving tales of the same woe is me. Thank you O makers of Steve Jobs and You’re The Worst. Thank you Apple for finally increasing the iTunes Match limit to 100,000 tracks. Thank you DC cab driver who actually drove back uptown from Georgetown to return the iPhone I absent-mindedly left in your cab. Thank you Canada for voting out Harper and his band of cynical cronies. Thank you again and again President Obama for your Affordable Care Act — more specifically, the Mental Health Parity part. Thank you Judge George H. King of Los Angeles district court for your ruling in Rupa Marya v. Warner/Chappell Music. Thanks to my extended family for your love and concern and support. Thank you bendamustine and rituximab. And thanks to my amazing wife and kid for keeping things real, and at times even really great.

And a Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to you.


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