Married Life, Sessions@KNC, and a Durham Gig tomorrow night…

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Hey folks, Bryk here.

If it seems as if I’ve been been laying low for a while, it’s true. But I have a pretty good reason. While I don’t usually get too personal in these posts, I had something else going on in the last few months… after years of domestic partnership, I finally married my long-time sweetie Erin in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada. It was a very small family and friends affair (the paparazzi were kept away by armed Polish guards) and even though we’ve had issues with the institution of marriage in the past, our new status and the formality of “being married” has been surprisingly transcendent for both of us. Married life is really, uh, superlative so far. I guess you’ll know how it’s working out a record or two from now 😉

Two more things to announce… I have a gig tomorrow night at Dain’s Place in Durham with Reid Johnson (frontman of one of my favourite NC bands Schooner) and touring Tallahassee singer-songwriter Adam Reid. This is my first time playing at Dain’s, which is getting a good rep for the Tuesday night indie singer-songwriter shows Shayne from Future Kings of Nowhere has been booking. They have 80+ microbrews and reportedly very good food, so if you’re around please come out. 754 9th Street • Durham, NC 27705 • 919-416-8800. Show starts at 9pm — I might be on first.

I was also proud to be one of the inaugural sessions of Sessions@KNC which is NCSU radio station WKNC’s program to document primarily local music in creative new ways. All the sessions will be played on a new “Sessions@KNC” program, and will be available from their website and (an open-source music library) under a Creative Commons license. The bands also keep the rights to the multitrack masters to do whatever they like with them. I recorded my session back in March and they’ve been mixing the initial sessions over the last two months. The piano I played that day had a bad Bb so I was kept on my toes, but I do look forward to hearing what the final mixes sound like. Keep an eye on the Sessions blog for a release date, and please also check out the amazing Bull City Session they’ve just posted! Good times!!

Thanks again for listening… more good news soon!

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