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[this is an old cross-posted myspace blog post…]

I was doing some personal research on St. Maximillian Kolbe, a Polish priest who was martyred by the nazis in Auschwitz. (I grew up attending a polish Catholic Church named after St. Kolbe.)

But somehow I ended up finding a self-described post-punk band from Virginia named Maximilian Colby.

I don’t know why but I brought this up talking in bed this morning. Was their band name a homage or simple irony? Clever portmanteau or non-sequitur? While a post-punk band of seminarians sounds kind of cool, there was no indication this was the case.

Familiar with my obsession with Fr. Kolbe’s incredible sacrifice, Erin sighed and suggested maybe they just like cheese. As anyone who suffers through another Sunday afternoon listen to How Splendid Was My Table knows, Cheeseophilia is running rampant amongst the foodies.

So we started reflexively freestyling “cheesy” indie rock band names. Please take one for your new band. They’re not even consistently all musical references, sorry.

While any list one makes up lying on your back on a hot sunday morning is (and should be) suspect, I could tell by Erin’s continual groans that some of these are pretty good. Or bad. You know.

• Monterey Jack Johnson (how apropos!)
• Cheddar Kelly (trademarked “cheese food product” version: CHEDD-R Kelly)
• Charlene Stilton
• Mozzarella Fitzgerald
• Semi-Soft Machine
• The Goats Milk (also works with the Mountain Goats Milk)
• Emmental Bachman
• Edam and the Ants (also Edam Yankees)
• Boba Feta
• Brie Sharp
• Bad Companeer
• Gang of Roquefourt
• Quicksilver Limburger Service
• Havarti Bunyan (also Havarti Garfunkel)
• Morgan Grünländer
• OK Asiago
• Blue Wensleydale Morningstar
• Fontina Turner (also Fontina Weymouth, Fontina Yothers, &c.)
• Alberto Y Los Trios Parmigianas
• The Romanos

Sorry in advance.

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