Mississauga Rattler

Mississauga Rattler, by Dan Bryk

Mississauga Rattler by Dan Bryk, released 01 January 2003 1. Coralie 2. Love Song 3. She Just Wants To Get High 4. Love So Wrong 5. Here Comes Love (feat. Lenni Jabour) 6. Now I’m Gone 7. Misery Loves Company 8. If I Wasn’t The Only One 9. Nothing Much 10.

a.k.a the demos that got me dropped from Scratchie.

“The worst recordings of the some of the best songs I ever wrote. Yours for just 7 bucks.”

Free for the listening, as is everything I’ve recorded since Rocks Nobody.

Sorry for the blatant advertorial. I have a Pop Psychology mastering bill staring me down this week.


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