New Pop Psychology “Spreadshirt” Designs

After a few mild complaints from buyers, I’ve become dissatisfied with CaféPress who have supplied the Dan Bryk t-shirts and other merch to date. I honestly haven’t kept up with the progress in the on-demand merch world, but after a fair bit of research and due diligence, I’m going to close the (annoying multiple) merch stores I have with CaféPress and adopt two more streamlined options: Spreadshirt and Zazzle.

First up is Spreadshirt, whose origins are European but have now opened up a plant in Pittsburgh to serve the US.

The main advantage they have over their competitors seems to be the “flex print” technique they use for printing. The results are less like CP’s digital printing, and more like traditional screen printing. The printing is sharper and more colour-fast and durable than direct-to-print.  I’ve set up a few variations of a Pop Psychology t-shirt and ordered one, and I’m really impressed so far.

Next up is Zazzle.

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